About Us

B.Av provides comprehensive legal services to its clients by promoting transparency, integrity and effective approaches in solving clients’ problems. We are treating your business problems to find efficient and tactical solutions. Law is merely a tool to find such solutions. We, as your lawyers, will provide legal advices that are compatible with your business operations.

Our Services


Corporate & Commercial Transactions

B.Av assists clients in completing commercial transactions, including but not limited to conducting legal due diligence, preparing and revising transaction documents as well as assisting in negotiations, signings and closings.


Dispute Resolutions

B.Av assists clients in solving and settling their commercial disputes as well as criminal cases, either through negotiations, mediations, courts and arbitrations as relevant.


Retainer Legal Services

B.Av provides retainer legal services to every business entity to fulfll their needs in solving their day-to-day corporation and commercial legal issues. Our retainer legal services are provided for certain period of time as agreed with our clients.


Additional Services

B.Av’s additional services are professionally provided in order to achieve the firm’s objectives to always fulfill what client needs.



Syafrullah Hamdi, S.H., LL.M.
Managing Partner


Towy Aryanosa, S.H., M.H.