Legal Updates on Licensing Services for Industrial Companies

Licensing Services for Industrial Companies Are Provided Through the OSS System and SIINAS[1]

Under the Minister of Industry Regulation No. 38 of 2018 on National Industrial Information System Account (“MOIR 38/18”) and the Minister of Industry Regulation No. 15 of 2019 on the Issuance of Industrial Business License and Expansion License in the Framework of Electronically Integrated Business License Services (“MOIR 15/19”), the licensing services for industrial companies are provided through the Online Single Submission system (“OSS system”) and National Industrial Information System (Sistem Informasi Industri Nasional SIINas”). While the OSS system is managed by the Capital Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal BKPM”), SIINas is managed by the Minister of Industry and can be accessed at

Based on the MOIR 38/18 and the MOIR 15/19, an industrial company should receive the Industrial Business License from the OSS system. The Industrial Business License will only be effective after it fulfils the following commitments:

  1. create an account of SIINas
  2. for an industrial company that is not located in the industrial area, obtain a statement letter that states that it is exempted from the requirements to be located in the industrial area
  3. submit its industrial data through the SIINas
  4. obtain a location permit
  5. obtain an environmental license
  6. complete the field inspection/verification by the Directorate General, the Provincial Department or Municipality/Regency Department (as relevant)
  7. for some specific industries, fulfil specific requirements as required by the relevant laws and regulations

The obligation to create an account of SIINas as stated in point 1 above should be completed no later than 10 working days after the issuance date of the Industrial Business License from the OSS system. After completing all of the above commitments, the Minister of Industry will inform the industrial company on the fulfilment of its commitments through the OSS system.

Every industrial company may only operate commercially (i.e., generating profits) after it fulfils the above commitments and its Industrial Business License is effective.


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